Spray Tanning

Spray Tans by Jess offers an air brush spray leaving clients looking like they've just returned from the beach. There are a variety of options including Norvell Venetian which has an acceleration period of 8-24 hours before showering for a single layer or a double dip. Single layer: $25 Double Dip: $35.00

Spray Tans by Jess also offers Norvell Venetian ONE which is a rapid release formula that allows clients to shower within 1-3 hours. Single layer: $35 Double Layer: $50

If you only desire a certain portion of your body to be sprayed, an a-la-carte option is available. Face: $15, Arms/chest/back : $15

For reviews, gallery and specials, visit her page at Spray Tans by Jess. To book your spray tan, call 662-610-8502